How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Dad on Father’s Day: An Infographic

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate those dads who have sacrificed so much to bring us into the world, teach us how to thrive in it and show us how to make it a better place. For many children, this means getting pops a new tie, some tools or a bottle of scotch. But 2019 is the year to give your dad a truly special Father’s Day present: the gift of bitcoin.

Thanks to the below infographic made exclusively for Bitcoin Magazine by eToro, a brokerage company that offers bitcoin services, we can all explain the basics of the world’s first cryptocurrency to even the most old school of dads.

Use the handy illustrations to help teach him what bitcoin is, show him that it isn’t “shady” and explain to him what it means as an investment. While you’re at it, you can tell dad that bitcoin is not a scam or a Ponzi scheme and that, even though Satoshi Nakmoto invented it, it’s decentralized and no one controls it. So, this weekend, walk your dad through this chart and he’ll be ready for his first BTC in no time — just make sure you tell him where to get it and how to store it safely.

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